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We offer you a favorable commission rate to ensure your income indicators growing.
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I repeat, we are not engaged with training of forwarders, we employ ready-made specialists, who pursue our goals and match with our corporate rules. Our managers bear the full responsibility for solving all possible issues, supervision of drivers, planning of routes, cargo booking at any time of the day. Your trucking business will be efficient and profitable irrespective of the market rates.

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    Over 7 years of experience with cargo dispatch


    We are not engaged with training of forwarders, we employ ready-made specialists, who pursue our goals and match with our corporate rules

    Round-the-clock 7 days a week operation capacities


    Our helpdesk operators provide a non-stop support service for the drivers and cargo booking not only during the day but also at night hours

    Goals achievement


    With us your vans will surpass the average performance and be able to stand out of competitors what a good reason to check-raise

    Merging the boards


    As soon as you begin cooperating with us we open up to you the boards with the most valued cargo, affordable for semi-trailers.

    Broker partners


    Over the seven years of experience we have developed partnership with brokers who know our business well and can suggest the best carrier solution.

    Qualified reimbursement support


    Our experts from the Claims Department investigate into the incoming claims, cases of detention, delay and reimbursement.

    Complete financial transparency


    You get a pass to review all papers, rate confirmation, e-mail correspondence and installation packages. You are paid directly from the brokers because we are your service providers. Our part of responsibility here is making sure you are well compensated for your being painstaking and devotion to the matter.

    Account Manager

    Our strong point is that we personalize our attitude to each individual, pay credit to personal
    development, fix issues no matter how complex, and are available for contact online any time
    24 hours a day and 7 days per week.

    Cost per Unit


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      Resolving issues and claims


      Our qualified Client Manager with 5+ years of experience will be able to help you with any issue your business encounters or in any awkward position your driver finds himself in.

      Elaborating the development strategy for your company


      When you are reaching for accomplishments you may have questions as for the steps to take or the way to get a maximum of a profit and minimize the financial losses. The Dispatch Net Client Manager communicates monthly with over 100 hundred business owners and will assist you as well in finding the proper solution.

      Protection of Reputation


      Turning to the Clients Manager will save you the hassle about the dispatcher’s booking performance rate and bad reviews for your company.

      Individual operating plan


      Our individual clients approach is embodied in planning a set of operations up to their special requirements. No matter what is concerned, whether it is an income statement of your company or a recommendation on how to conclude an agreement with the driver before taking him on duty.

      Assistance with Broker accounts


      Amazon platform, requirements to contracts
      The rest of brokers
      How to restore reputation if driver or dispatcher spoilt it or an issue with Freight Guard is involved

      Covering for Absent Dispatcher


      a. In case the dispatcher is off on a sick leave or vacation we will provide a change
      b. Thanks to a well coordinated system, the change will take no longer than two minutes of the driver’s time

      Off The Work Hours

      Ever keep in touch with the drivers, monitor the state of things, receive calls and messages
      any time of the day, help the drivers out of arising issues, notify them of any setbacks
      and shifts in route.



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        Information Updates


        The off-hour team is in charge of keeping the brokers informed by phone or emails about the driver’s current location, possible delays or van breakages.

        GPS-movement tracking


        During off-hours time the operators take care of the driver’s punctuality and wake if they fall occasionally asleep.

        Answering the off-hour calls


        Rest assured that calls from drivers and brokers are unconditionally received irrespective of how late it is.

        Mail tracking


        As the brokers prefer to send requests via email the off-hour coordinators monitor each message arriving at their inbox for sure and follow them up with a quick reply.

        Drivers Curation


        Our off-hour coordinator team is ready to help drivers out of any trouble or situation, from simple such as enquiring into a purchase order number to more complex ones like troubleshooting with the van.

        Cargo booking


        If you entrust the matter in our hands don’t fuss about loading of your cargo even when cancellations happen. We’ll do our best so that your cargo is picked up and dispatched anyway.

        Box truck Dispatch Services

        Professional trucking service is a guarantee of timely and reliable delivery. Few people are interested in the paperwork and other secondary tasks, especially for this there are special companies. Caravan is probably the most affordable transportation option for trucking.

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        Every day, every minute, a huge number of different goods in special-purpose vehicles move through many countries and continents.

        After all, it's no news that there are appropriate vehicles for certain goods.

        So. A truck with a closed body, which is also called a bob truck.

        Such trucks do not just relate to commercial vans due to their versatility and the possibility of transporting any type of cargo. Trucks of this type are very popular due to their powerful engines and cargo security.

        The purchase of such a van is only the first step.

        The next step will be a great desire to try it in business and, of course, to get a good profit from it and expand the ways of its operation.

        So what is a COMMERCIAL VAN? What is its difference from similar counterparts?

        Read more about Box Truck Dispatch Services

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          Dry Van Dispatch Services

          Dry vans are the ideal solution for hundreds of thousands of customers because they guarantee the integrity and intactness of the cargo being transported. Protected from various weather conditions, dry vans and their drivers ensure the development of the logistics industry and the country's economy as a whole.

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          Are you a carrier or owner of a dispatch network? Maybe you want to transport your cargo safely and quickly? Then you should get the basic information you need.

          What is a dry van?

          A dry van is a type of semi-trailer that is completely enclosed from the outside to protect the load. Their purpose is to transport pallets, boxes, as well as bulk cargo.

          Dry vans are not temperature controlled. This is provided in refrigerators. Also in dry vans there is no way to transport oversized cargo.

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            Hotshot Only 40’ trailers and CDL drivers Dispatch Services

            People who have nothing to do with the logistics industry can't imagine the complexity of freight delivery. We know perfectly well that such inveterate carriers like you are "hustlers" and always deliver the cargo entrusted to you in time. That's why we will provide you with the best dispatching services, on which your income directly depends.

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            As long as there has been a turnover of goods, there has been a delivery of goods. There are a huge number of transportation methods. Let's consider one of the types of Hotshot trucking. What does this name mean?

            Hotshot trucking is not only one of the very promising areas of business, but also the pace of accelerated delivery of goods to a certain place. As a rule, these are small-sized cargoes that are transported over short distances.

            What are the requirements for Hot Shot trucks?

            Read more about Hotshot Only 40’ trailers and CDL drivers Dispatch Service

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              Reefer Dispatch Services

              Dispatch services for refrigerated trucks - extensive dispatch services We'll take care of all the hassle of refrigerated truck dispatching, all you need to do is drive the truck. There is no better option than a refrigerated truck when it comes to temperature-controlled freight transportation. This type of truck (also called a refrigerated truck) is equipped with the technology you need to transport meat and any perishable products, as well as the perfect atmospheric conditions.

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              Every carrier cares about his transport logistics business. Indeed, there is reason to worry, because anything can happen on the way. The important point is to deliver the goods in one piece. Of course, there are many ways to do this. But when we are talking about transporting food, medicine, and other cargo, for which it is extremely important to keep the temperature under control, there is one way - transportation with the help of refrigeration systems.

              What is a refrigerated vehicle?

              Its main purpose is to transport goods at the required temperature in the cargo compartment.

              This type of transport is very popular in the international logistics chain and is carried out with vehicles with a special box equipped with refrigeration units, in which a specific and constant temperature can be maintained.

              Read more about Reefer Dispatch Service

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                Flatbed dispatch services

                TheDispatchNet for flatbed trucks is your ideal solution for ongoing support while on the job. Get TheDispatchNet sooner, and you'll get the best mentoring and assistance on the market A flatbed truck is a high tonnage vehicle. It makes an incomparable contribution to the economy. Construction, where pipes, beams, stanchions and other dimensional materials are definitely needed. Landscaping, where many large items are needed. For everything where large parts must be handled. All of these areas require large-scale logistics capabilities.

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                When transporting medium and small-sized cargo, we can use trucks of various types and pickup trucks. But when it comes to the transportation of industrial equipment, large construction structures, special equipment, then the trailer with a towing platform will come to the rescue.

                What is a flatbed truck?

                It is a vehicle that has a single design with an open part of the body.

                The purpose of a flatbed truck

                Given the fact that the body of these trucks, mostly open, then to transport not only construction materials, as well as all cargo that is not affected by the weather conditions.

                Read more about Flatbed dispatch services

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                  Step Deck Dispatch Services

                  With step trailers, an all-or-nothing situation arises. It's a very demanding task - transporting large loads, especially when it comes to scheduling and other nuances that need to be taken into account to manage your business. Is it really possible to fully focus on the timely and efficient delivery of goods, if most of the time you have to deal with secondary tasks, such as constant negotiations on the cost of services, paperwork in accordance with the law, control of compliance with transportation standards and other details? In these situations, TheDispatchNet can help.

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                  In order to thoroughly understand what type of truck you will need for your business, it is worth clarifying the definition of a particular vehicle.

                  What Is Step Deck Trucking?

                  A truck that has a step deck represents a type of vehicle that takes a two-level approach to hauling cargo. Not many of the trucks with this design have a double-decker trailer. It has a front and rear top, and the bottom is centered.

                  This vehicle has a second name, the Step Deck truck.

                  Step Deck trucking business has its own specifics, but it does not prevent it from being profitable. Of course, everything is feasible under a number of conditions.

                  First, let's understand where they are used?

                  Read more about Step Deck Dispatch Services

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                    Power Only Dispatch Service

                    Power-only trucking is the use of a tractor-trailer by an independent driver or carrier to transport a trailer. This is quite an affordable method for brokers to organize efficient end-to-end logistics. We will find the best power-only shipping solution on the market without any difficulty.

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                    What if you, as a shipper, only need a tractor and driver? That's because the trailer is already available.

                    It's simple. You only need to contact a transportation company that can provide this kind of service. Especially since the process is as follows: the transportation company provides the driver and the vehicle. A laden container is hooked up to a truck and taken to its destination. This whole process is called the Power Only trucking business.

                    It's a very effective way for brokers to handle the logistical process.

                    What Is Power Only Trucking?

                    Read more about Power Only Dispatch Service

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                      Other Services


                      If there is no answer to your question feel free to mail us on

                      List of services
                      What is included in your services?
                      TheDispatchNet is a provider of logistic and dispatch services, bookkeeping, off-time support, legal and security assistance, accounts and operations administration.
                      Do you operate 24/7? You book cargo or just provide support?
                      TheDispatchNet team is responsible for drivers’ support and provides cargo booking any time and day of the week.
                      Do you have the in-house broker MC?
                      No, we don’t have. Instead we have partners among large brokerages.
                      Do you have the in-house Carrier MC?
                      We are accountable to your motor carrier and act on your bahalf
                      What kind of trucks do you service?
                      TheDispatchNet handles dry vans, refrigerators, step/frat decks and power-only trailers
                      Do you offer any discount when you dispatch a large group of vans?
                      Discounts are disputable in private conversation with the client’s manager
                      Can TheDispatchNet issue invoices in favor of my company? How the payment for booking cargo is arranged?
                      On our part we issue invoices to the brokers who make direct payments to you within a term that depends on the elected board.
                      Is my motor carrier’s reputation meaningful for the revenue we bring?
                      One of TheDispatchNet Company’s occupation is defending your reputation and never putting you in uncomfortable position when dealing with brokers.
                      What motivates your dispatchers for accomplishments?
                      Defining target levels by eight key metrics, analyzing and revising of KPIs, rewarding for achieved results.
                      How do you manage to get the most profitable wholesale market rates?
                      As we employ already skilled dispatchers with work experience from 3 years, they have a good command of market analysis and are excellent at conducting negotiations.
                      Where can I get the wholesale market rates and verify them for different van types?
                      I would advise you such factoring platforms as DAT, Sonar, Truckstop to look out for the most updated wholesale market rates.
                      What is the way to supervise dispatchers who are in charge of the motor park?
                      You will get an option to live track your motor park, its appointed dispatchers and their performance.
                      How high is the average revenue produced by a reefer trailer weekly?
                      The average revenue formula includes two variables and looks as follows: average mileage of a driver * average market rate= revenue produced. Take the following sample – 3500 miles*2,8$/mile = 9800$.
                      How do you manage to achieve best performance for power-only vans?
                      We make use of a mixture of platforms – DAT, Amazon, Shneider, JB Hunt, have round-the-clock booking operators in team and automate booking in your Amazon cabinet.
                      If I replaced the motor carrier, would it directly influence the financial revenue of my company?
                      TheDispatchNet has experience in growing a brand new MC from 0 by setting up broker accounts right from the beginning. This will provide a boost even if your MC is young in the business.
                      Does the rate of insurance affect the profit?
                      In order to enrich the variety of loads, number of hired drivers, ability to work with owner operatons, you need to have a well-set insurance coverage of liability, cargo general aggregate etc
                      What load boards do you use to provide the over the market rates?
                      We have an extended variety of boards : Amazon, DAT, JB Hunt, Scheinder, Coyote, TQL boards