Accounting For Trucking Companies

Our advanced team with over seven years of experience in the forwarding field provides for sustainable development of your business venture


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It is hard for a company to qualify for HOS regulations. Our entity has been long in this theme, starting from the times when carriers used paper register books.

With us you may be certain that all your carriers comply with HOS provisions.

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    Catering for your Invoices


    a) Endorsement of rates and invoices with the owner/driver/dispatcher
    b) Submitting papers to the factoring company/broker to receive cargo payments
    c) Checking the receipt of payments
    d) Handling matters with overdue payments
    e) Notifying the business owner/motor carrier of payment progress at all stages.

    Files and reporting


    a) Weekly and monthly live review of all reports for cargoes reserved
    b) Completing BOL, POD, RC’s forms so that a carrier’s accounting system could always keep track and verify cargoes.
    c) Complying with the carrier’s demands and adapting the working processes to them. For example, the forwarder prefers all the PODs and RCs being mailed to once a week.
    d) Forwarding the bills to dispatch operators

    Driver Payment Receipt


    a) Weekly and monthly live review of all reports for cargoes reserved
    b) Completing BOL, POD, RC’s forms so that a carrier’s accounting system could count the driver’s total mileage and sum up a payroll.
    c) Calculation of driver’s expenditures (based on fuel receipts, toll roads fees, technical maintenance cost and other arising out of interaction with the owner or his administrator)
    d) Generating, completing and forwarding reports with relation to drivers’ weekly or monthly revenues and expenditures to keep track of the consignments anytime
    e) Complying with the carrier’s demands and adapting the working processes to them. For example, the forwarder prefers all the PODs and RCs being mailed to once a week.
    f) Forwarding the bills to dispatch operators

    Other Services

    Our company’s expertise and skillful conduction of activity is the key to your motor carrier’s success

    We have exclusively skillful and experienced logistic operators on board, profoundly acquainted with how to conduct strategy projects of transport network in the US main sectors and round the world.

    120 million

    Clients Revenue

    Average amount of revenue our logistics team makes monthly

    Over 200

    Operating Vans

    Average number of vans we are covering at present

    Over 70

    Team members

    More than 15 new members join our company every year

    Over 50

    Motor carriers

    Majority of our carriers initially put one van at our disposal; soon they expanded to a full motor park

    More than 7 years


    The most valuable thing we are guided by to our Clients is experience

    Observe the expertise and skillful actions of our company on your own

    For a 7-year+ term we have compiled a substantial base of knowledge and expertise developed a wide portfolio of solved cases. We would like you to take over this knowledge.


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    List of services
    What is included in your services?
    Dispatch Net is a provider of logistic and dispatch services, bookkeeping, off-time support, legal and security assistance, accounts and operations administration.
    Do you operate 24/7? You book cargo or just provide support?
    Our Dispatch Net team is responsible for drivers’ support and provides cargo booking any time and day of the week.
    Do you have the in-house broker MC?
    No, we don’t have. Instead we have partners among large brokerages.
    Do you have the in-house Carrier MC?
    We are accountable to your motor carrier and act on your bahalf
    What kind of trucks do you service?
    The Dispatch Net handles dry vans, refrigerators, step/frat decks and power-only trailors
    Do you offer any discount when you dispatch a large group of vans?
    Discounts are disputable in private conversation with the client’s manager
    Can the Dispatch Net issue invoices in favor of my company? How the payment for booking cargo is arranged?
    On our part we issue invoices to the brokers who make direct payments to you within a term that depends on the elected board.
    Is my motor carrier’s reputation meaningful for the revenue we bring?
    One of The Dispatch Net Company’s occupation is defending your reputation and never putting you in uncomfortable position when dealing with brokers.
    What motivates your dispatchers for accomplishments?
    Defining target levels by eight key metrics, analyzing and revising of KPIs, rewarding for achieved results.
    How do you manage to get the most profitable wholesale market rates?
    As we employ already skilled dispatchers with work experience from 3 years, they have a good command of market analysis and are excellent at conducting negotiations.
    Where can I get the wholesale market rates and verify them for different van types?
    I would advise you such factoring platforms as DAT, Sonar, Truckstop to look out for the most updated wholesale market rates.
    What is the way to supervise dispatchers who are in charge of the motor park?
    You will get an option to live track your motor park, its appointed dispatchers and their performance.
    How high is the average revenue produced by a reefer trailer weekly?
    The average revenue formula includes two variables and looks as follows: average mileage of a driver * average market rate= revenue produced. Take the following sample – 3500 miles*2,8$/mile = 9800$.
    How do you manage to achieve best performance for power-only vans?
    We make use of a mixture of platforms – DAT, Amazon, Shneider, JB Hunt, have round-the-clock booking operators in team and automate booking in your Amazon cabinet.
    If I replaced the motor carrier, would it directly influence the financial revenue of my company?
    The Dispatch Net has experience in growing a brand new MC from 0 by setting up broker accounts right from the beginning. This will provide a boost even if your MC is young in the business.
    Does the rate of insurance affect the profit?
    In order to enrich the variety of loads, number of hired drivers, ability to work with owner operatons, you need to have a well-set insurance coverage of liability, cargo general aggregate etc
    What load boards do you use to provide the over the market rates?
    We have an extended variety of boards : Amazon, DAT, JB Hunt, Scheinder, Coyote, TQL boards