Process of the registration going step by step


Form your company

Before starting paperwork to obtain authority, you must have a registered company, EIN and other required things.


Apply for authority

For convenience, you will use the Unified Registration System, which has replaced the old format, and united all the registration processes in one place.


Get insurance

We recommend that you take trucking insurance seriously, because this is a fairly common problem faced by business beginners.


Register for IFTA

International carriers must fill out the IFTA (International Fuel Tax Agreement) declaration in order to purchase fuel.

External presentation greatly affects the reputation of the company.

A unique style will make your brand stand out among the rest. By creating a unique and high-quality design, you will draw the attention of potential customers.
Having a unique style allows you to raise your brand to the top of the ratings and make your company popular and recognizable. The brighter and more original your brand is presented and the more people know about it, the more customers you will get.

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