Reefer Dispatch Services

Reefer Dispatch Service

Every carrier cares about his transport logistics business. Indeed, there is reason to worry, because anything can happen on the way. The important point is to deliver the goods in one piece. Of course, there are many ways to do this. But when we are talking about transporting food, medicine, and other cargo, for which it is extremely important to keep the temperature under control, there is one way – transportation with the help of refrigeration systems.

What is a refrigerated vehicle? 

Its main purpose is to transport goods at the required temperature in the cargo compartment.

 This type of transport is very popular in the international logistics chain and is carried out with vehicles with a special box equipped with refrigeration units, in which a specific and constant temperature can be maintained.

This type of transport differs from ordinary trucks by the special design of the cargo compartment. Isothermal box is isolated from the outside air.

Special permits are required for this type of transportation by road carrier.  

There is a whole list of goods, the transportation of which requires special temperature conditions. These cargoes are divided into several categories:

foodstuffs, which react sensibly to climatic factors;

different kinds of plants;

vegetables, fruits, berries;

chemical products ;


pharmaceutical products;

equipment, various instruments.

For these groups of goods transportation, even the slightest deviation from the norm, can have disastrous irreversible consequences for human health.

There are certain principles of transport by refrigerator.

Transport, which is used in the transport with a refrigerator, must necessarily be equipped with a thermograph and equipped with a cargo compartment.

Depending on what goods will be transported, the refrigeration unit must be able to reduce the temperature in time.

Products with a short shelf life are transported strictly in specific refrigerated chambers or in ice storage facilities.

Refrigeration chambers must have sufficient capacity to lower the temperature to the desired level. After that, it must be maintained for at least 12 hours.

Trucks have different temperatures for different purposes. Therefore, refrigerators are divided into several categories – A, B, C. Based on what temperature each vehicle maintains, the vehicles differ from each other. Of course, the technical and sanitary condition of the vehicle is no less important. 

It is safe to say that reefer dispatch services and the shipments they serve are an important part of the modern transportation logistics world. How successful it will be depends on many factors.  The Dispatch Net is a team of teachers, not apprentices, who are happy to help you with your professional plans and provide you with honest refrigerated transportation.