Step Deck Dispatch Services

Step Deck Dispatch Services

In order to thoroughly understand what type of truck you will need for your business, it is worth clarifying the definition of a particular vehicle.

What Is Step Deck Trucking?

A truck that has a step deck represents a type of vehicle that takes a two-level approach to hauling cargo. Not many of the trucks with this design have a double-decker trailer. It has a front and rear top, and the bottom is centered.

This vehicle has a second name, the Step Deck truck.

Step Deck trucking business has its own specifics, but it does not prevent it from being profitable. Of course, everything is feasible under a number of conditions.

First, let’s understand where they are used?

For non-standard cargo, i.e. they are either too tall or wider than usual and do not fit on a standard flatbed.

How long does it take to load and unload?

With a step deck, it all depends on what time the cargo is to be shipped, i.e., there is no fixed operating schedule.

Step decks that load and unload earlier than others naturally earn much more. 

Do I need additional equipment for my work?

You can significantly increase your income with the purchase of some equipment:


cargo levelers, 


What are the advantages of stepped deck transportation

There is the ability to accommodate a large amount of cargo,

A similar design with a short platform level that extends beyond the edge of the truck, with a lowering function. It makes it easy to place tall loads.

Such a truck provides extra space. As a result, it is capable of carrying more loads.

For companies that provide trucking services, this type of logistics offering will always prove to be very lucrative, and for both parties. In addition, there is no need to obtain a permit for this type of work, which speeds up the delivery of cargo.

Despite complying with all the rules and recommendations, you risk spending a lot of time searching for freight, negotiating with brokers, the best rates, purchasing the necessary equipment.

Take the time to do what you really like. For everything else, there are qualified professionals who will do everything for you, keeping your priorities in mind. 

The Dispatch Net provides you with Step Deck dispatch services, including a dedicated personal dispatcher who’ll be on call 24/7, whichever state you prefer to work in. 

Honest Step Deck Dispatching is our priority when working with you.

We work for you so you can work for yourself.