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    What is needed to get started?
    You need your van or trailer and the relative papers drafted. We are able to set down to work any time after contracting.
    What rates do you provide?
    The rates rely on season and the state of the market. We struggle to provide you the best prices for dispatch down your route.
    Can I operate under the authority of your motor carrier?
    Yes, you are welcome.
    Do you make reports?
    If required we provide you reports on a weekly or a monthly basis.
    What is the main point to keep the driver happy?
    Give him assignments all the time.
    Do you keep track of the cargo status?
    Yes, we do! Before the cargo is handed over to the driver we take care it is prepared and paid.
    Can I ask someone a question?
    Certainly, you can! You will be led by a manager accountable for your company. You are able to negotiate with him any question when you need to.
    What is the duration of your concluded contracts?
    We don’t have durable contracts. You may turn to us each time when necessary.