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    Our consulting operators are skilled and competent in the matters of implementing strategy projects. We place job ads for our carrier companies we cater for. Due to our longstanding cooperation with them we are sure of hiring high-performance drivers and operator specialists on the most transparent conditions of work and compensation


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    The average working experience of our transport operators whose occupation will be finding out cargoes and optimal forwarding routes for you.


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    Were employed in the years 2020-2022 due to our human resources division

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    How high is the percentage rate the business owner operator provides to a company?
    The 12% rate embodies the whole range of services provided by the Business Owner to a driver including the administrative charge.
    What is the manufacture year of your vans?
    All the vans in our vehicle park are no earlier than 2016 year of production.
    What types of vans do we operate?
    We deal with a great number of brands ranging from Kenworth, Volvo, Freightliner and other
    How high is the coverage cost for cargo and liability insurance?
    The cost is dependable upon your driver’s reputation. If the latter is impeccable the cost may be within 250 to 350$ up to the decision of our insurer company.
    Why does the Owner Business Operator have to cover the debt from the Security Deposit?
    Commonly each van undergoes checks and if the Owner Business Operator doesn’t pass the check of its fleet, then the bill is issued right to the company to which he is accountable. The company will get money to cover it not from its own funds, but from the Security Deposit.