Hotshot Dispatch Services

Hotshot Only 40’ trailers and CDL drivers Dispatch Service

As long as there has been a turnover of goods, there has been a delivery of goods. There are a huge number of transportation methods. Let’s consider one of the types of Hotshot trucking. What does this name mean?

Hotshot trucking is not only one of the very promising areas of business, but also the pace of accelerated delivery of goods to a certain place. As a rule, these are small-sized cargoes that are transported over short distances.

What are the requirements for Hot Shot trucks?

For such shipments are suitable : 

a pickup truck,

flatbed trailer, bumper trailers, 

tracked trailers,

flatbed trailers,

 dovetail trailers.

Hot Shot Dispatch Services has its own features, such as:

drivers and operators specialize in delivering very urgent and critical loads such as agricultural, construction equipment, materials, heavy equipment and more.

delivery is made to a specific customer or destination

with the help of light-duty trucks.

Some drivers have to cross state lines or the entire country.

Why do truckers prefer rush orders?

Because such orders have a high cost.

Companies have no interest in slowing down production, disrupting sales and suffering financial losses due to late delivery of equipment. The organization places an urgent order on the bulletin board, and specialists take it to work. In this case, the possibility of equipment downtime will be eliminated, which will be a plus for both the customer and the transporter.

What trucks are used for Hot shot?

The most popular are pickup trucks, that are classified as light lorries. The only condition is that you must have a permit to operate, a unique number for each company that wants to engage in trucking , liability insurance and have the documents that give permission for this type of activity. 

Furas that are used in Hot shot , belong to class 3, 4 or 5.

Class 3 refers to medium-duty trucks, that are used by truck drivers, contractors, and in operational logistics.

Class four represents heavier trucks, that are classified as non-commercial.

Class five represents some of the fastest commercial trucks .

What about the benefits? 

Minimum investment at the beginning of a career is very advantageous for drivers who plan to work for themselves, but they don’t need to haul large loads.

The high cost of services because of rush assignments. 

You can expect to be paid for each trip, decide for yourself at what time and what cargo to transport, set your own rate and stop worrying about downtime.

Along with the advantages, there are also disadvantages. What are they?

The presence of competition. Especially when it comes to work close to home.

Work can be unstable and depend even on the time of year.

Here you pay by the kilometer. Therefore, you are unlikely to get paid as an owner-operator. You’re counting on a hard day’s work as well as regular maintenance on your vehicle. 

Don’t forget about regulations, insurance laws, HOS watch registration, drug and alcohol testing.

Regardless of how much you earn, don’t forget to regularly record your expenses for:


factoring/forwarding services,



Keep in mind certain requirements for Hot shot trucking.

Even if you are the driver of a “civilian” truck, you must still register it on a commercial basis. Otherwise, you may face fines.

You, as the owner-operator, are responsible for keeping logs. In them, you must regularly record the time, distance, and weight of the load in accordance with standard HOS hours of operation. When transporting freight across state lines, you must know each state’s rules and procedures for documenting hourly shipments. This is required for interstate shipments.

You don’t have to conquer the top to make your Hot Shot Trucking business profitable and successful. Turn to professionals who have a proven track record in the trucking industry over the years. Speed, thoroughness, and an honest attitude toward business and each client are our guiding principles in our work. Use the right tools, make informed decisions and take the time to learn and gain valuable experience. The Dispatch Net will help you do just that.