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    Which tests are stipulated by DOT regulations?
    Employment-preceding, on-suspicion, arbitrary, on-accident, post-crash, return to work and subsequent
    Is my driver authorized to go on operating for me as a carrier with suspended validity of personal vehicle license but an unexpired CDL class A license?
    Yes, he is, but there are some restrictions. For instance, he may not run a truck within a range of 10,001-26, 000 pounds. Moreover, the driver is not allowed to run a smaller commercial motor vehicle, including the box truck. The CDL class A license solely permits him to drive a vehicle starting from 26, 000 pounds coupled with a trailer of 10, 0001 pounds.
    If I had to move to another state, would I need to restart the insurance coverage?
    That depends on the insurer who covered for you. Certain insurance policies may be rendered to a new provider.
    How do the сomplaints influence my company?
    If someone filed a complaint against you, that would influence your policy, namely the level of contribution you pay when it needs prolongation. The perks for no claims would also be touched upon to the extent of selected protection.
    What set of documents each company should have?
    That is based on the kind of activity your company conducts and peculiarities involved. Commonly the following is required: motor carrier authority, certificate of insurance, Unified Carrier Registration (UCR), Electronic Logging Device (ELD) manual, and other papers and prescriptions, necessary at the occurrence of legal offense.
    Who is liable to obtain the IFTA license?
    Any vehicle meant for commuting people or property transportation is considered a professional motor vehicle on condition that it has 2 axes and a total registered mass of 26,000 pounds or 11,797 converted to kilograms; or coupled with a trailer registered weight above this 26, 000 pounds (11,797 kilograms).
    There is a difference between a leisure vehicle and a business class vehicle. The business vehicle is thought as a professional transport meant for business routines while the leisure vehicle is сreated and designed exclusively for person’s recreation purposes not connected with business. This may include house on wheels, or a pickup joined with a camper trailer.
    Would you specify the Hours of Service driver’s regulations by DOT?
    The HOS (Hours of Service) is a collection of provisions that optimizes the roadside security by administering the driver's trucking hours. In other words, the DOT rules how many hours a separate driver can run, allocates the time occupied by the main activity, intervals for off-hours and compulsory breaks.
    What is a remedial actions plan?
    Under the FMCSA the good remedial actions plan should rely on the certain variables, ongoing work procedures and staff training processes. The model examples of implementing mandatory staff training may be vocational retraining, double checks, molding of new working practices.
    What data should be stored on disk for subsequent inquiries and IRP checkups?
    First of all you should save the mileage register of the current state and for the past three years. These data can be collected from the sources you use to fix the vehicle run-the-mile records.
    Which are the constituents of the security plan?
    ✓ Incentives
    ✓ Assistance system
    ✓ Qualified assistance
    ✓ Recognition
    How can I sign up for the DataQs electronic system?
    New visitors of the DataQs system are prompted to sign up. It just takes a few clicks. Tap the “New to DataQs?” option in the login field on the starting page and go through the following steps that appear on the screen till your registration is over and a personal account is created. Initially you will be eligible for general access.
    What is the target for the CSA standards implementation?
    The FMCSA is dedicated to strengthening road security by lowering the number of accidents, but for the last several years the process has been fading out. Driven by this fact they had to reconsider the methods of how they monitor security on roads and seek the new approaches to control, scoring and intervene measures with carriers. The CSA came as a result of these investigative actions allowing the FMCSA and its collaborators to estimate the security fitness of larger sections of industry and intervene before trouble happens.
    Why is my motor carrier inspected so often?
    Your vehicles are often halted on roads or stations in case when your security scores are low. That indicates that your company is positioned among those with high likelihood of violations.