Dry Van Dispatch Services

Dry Van Dispatch Services

Are you a carrier or owner of a dispatch network? Maybe you want to transport your cargo safely and quickly? Then you should get the basic information you need.

What is a dry van?

A dry van is a type of semi-trailer that is completely enclosed from the outside to protect the load. Their purpose is to transport pallets, boxes, as well as bulk cargo.

Dry vans are not temperature controlled. This is provided in refrigerators. Also in dry vans there is no way to transport oversized cargo.

There are several sizes in dry vans:

53ft trailers that are most in demand on the roads. They usually measure 53 x 8, 6 x 8. They can accommodate up to 45,000 pounds of cargo.

28-foot, which are also called “puppy”. Are intended for transportation of combined freights.

Holds up to 22,000 pounds of cargo plus 14 pallet spaces.

Straight trucks, which are also called “closed vans”. Features a rear door. Used for transportation within the city.

They are produced in the following sizes: 24 x 8 x 8 .

When transporting in such trucks there are many advantages.

Dry vans are quite versatile. They can carry electronics, furniture, clothing, products with a longer shelf life, car parts and household goods.

Such vans during transportation provide maximum protection from the effects of weather conditions. Trailers have locks and fences. So they are also protected from theft.

These vans are interesting for their accessibility, because they do not require special manipulations and additional services.

In the event that the cargo requires special care, but does not provide for compliance with the temperature regime, dry vans are ideal. Such transport services are very popular.

Now, if you add a dispatch service to this type of service, then you can safely develop your business, because you will be provided with support.

What does dry van dispatch services look like?

What does the dispatcher do in this case?

issues invoices to clients

is looking for insurance, which is very necessary,

finds cargo at very interesting prices,

provides services to find new customers, and thus you save time, increase the efficiency of your activities.

What are the other advantages of the services of dispatchers for this type of van?

You have free time, which you can use to your advantage,

You take off all the paperwork, and you have the opportunity to travel a greater distance, increasing your own earnings.

The process of negotiating a higher rate, booking a load is undertaken by the dispatcher.

Compliance with documentary obligations.

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