Car hauling dispatch for opened and enclose carriers

We take care your carrier has taken cargo beforehand and simplify the loading and delivery process to make you at ease cooperating with our team members

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Car Hauler

Services for transporting vehicles

Working with us you get the biggest gross, have spare time to develop the company business and are sure of high-qualified transportation services offered to your haulers.

Per gross


The haulers we retain are taught and practiced by high-experienced mentors who spent a long period in vehicle transportation. That gives an insight into how to organize things to find the most suitable loads for our VIP clients. We check the availability of loads round-the-clock and reserve them beforehand so you are able to build your route well. Your vehicles will be picked up at the most favorable market rates.

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    Over 7 years hauling experience


    The haulers always try to personalize its attitude to the drivers to make them think they are a united team.

    Round-the-clock support


    All week you get integrated support. You are totally shielded any time. Get favorable market rates. You set the targets and we reach them.

    Blended loading platforms


    We take advantage of all available loading platforms, Central dispatch being among them. As well there are boards for loading valued cargoes.

    Settling problems and complaints


    Working out your response to all arising complaints

    Upholding your company reputation


    In this regard we offset the negative evaluations about you placed on the Central Dispatch platform and reach a 99% success in doing so.

    Adjustments of broker accounts


    We make all necessary adjustments with broker accounts; have a great expertise and many contacts to speed up the process.

    Invoicing & Bookkeeping

    The service spares you much time and keeps you from anxiety

    Cost per Unit


    Payment problems with brokers are a frequent occurrence consuming much time and energy when you claim for your due payments.

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      Only in package

      We are responsible for ensuring that all the papers are submitted for payments. The sooner you forward them, the sooner you receive payment.

      Maintenance of payments

      Only in package

      Keeping track of the payments and checking the arriving amount is entire

      Bond disputes

      Only in package

      If the payment for dispatch is not remitted we claim on our part for bond insurance coverage

      Cooperation with factoring companies

      Only in package

      Our managers know how to interact with the factoring companies

      Other Services

      Your motor carrier reaches the highest KPIs supported by skillful actions of our experienced consultants

      Our team employs only qualified and skillful logistics operators, competent in network strategy implementation in all key market domains not limited to the US.

      120 million

      Clients Revenue

      Average amount of revenue our logistics team makes monthly

      Over 200

      Operating Vans

      Average number of vans we are covering at present

      Over 70

      Team members

      More than 15 new members join our company every year

      Over 50

      Motor carriers

      Majority of our carriers initially put one van at our disposal; soon they expanded to a full motor park

      More than 7 years


      The most valuable thing we are guided by to our Clients is experience


      If there is no answer to your question feel free to mail us on
      List of services
      What is needed to get started?
      You need your van or trailer and the relative papers drafted. We are able to set down to work any time after contracting.
      What rates do you provide?
      The rates rely on season and the state of the market. We struggle to provide you the best prices for dispatch down your route.
      Can I operate under the authority of your motor carrier?
      Yes, you are welcome.
      Do you make reports?
      If required we provide you reports on a weekly or a monthly basis.
      What is the main point to keep the driver happy?
      Give him assignments all the time.
      Do you keep track of the cargo status?
      Yes, we do! Before the cargo is handed over to the driver we take care it is prepared and paid.
      Can I ask someone a question?
      Certainly, you can! You will be led by a manager accountable for your company. You are able to negotiate with him any question when you need to.
      What is the duration of your concluded contracts?
      We don’t have durable contracts. You may turn to us each time when necessary.