Flatbed Dispatch Services

Flatbed Dispatch Services

What is flatbed trucking ?

When transporting medium and small-sized cargo, we can use trucks of various types and pickup trucks. But when it comes to the transportation of industrial equipment, large construction structures, special equipment, then the trailer with a towing platform will come to the rescue.

What is a flatbed truck?

It is a vehicle that has a single design with an open part of the body. 

The purpose of a flatbed truck

Given the fact that the body of these trucks, mostly open, then to transport not only construction materials, as well as all cargo that is not affected by the weather conditions. 

Payload classes

1-ton trucks. 

1.5-ton trucks. 

3-ton trucks. 

5-ton trucks. 

10-ton trucks. 

15-ton trucks. 

20-ton trucks. 

Differences by body type 

Depending on their purpose, trucks are divided into:

 – General-purpose body trucks. Used for transportation of any types of cargo within its capacity – flatbed trucks, 

– Trucks of a certain purpose. Used for transportation of a particular kind of cargo, 

– Motor vehicles that are equipped with a special body. 

Those vehicles that are used for work in road construction are usually referred to as auxiliary transport.

Open flatbed trucks are used for : 

– transportation of almost all types of cargo, except for liquid and those that are not containerized.

– Transportation of containers, packaged goods,

can be equipped with onboard manipulators or gantry cranes.

What are the advantages of this type of cargo transportation?

If the flatbed body is open, the loading and unloading process is extremely easy.  

The cost of flatbed trucks is much lower than container shipments.

What are the disadvantages of flatbed trucking?

If the cargo is shipped open, there is a greater chance of it deteriorating due to environmental influences. Also, the risk of cargo theft cannot be ruled out.

It is necessary to consider the height of loading in relation to the level of the sides of the vehicle, as well as securely fasten the cargo.

Why it is very important for a flatbed trucking business owner to use the dispatch services of flatbed trucks.  

One reason lies simply on the surface . If you’re a driver, you’ll be able to be on the road more of the time and ensure your shipments are delivered on time. 

A competent and experienced dispatcher will take care of the nuances of this business, such as:

-find shipments,

-provide a customer base, 

-Provide customer base, -Set the rates you need.

-Select and arrange insurance,

-find equipment,

-assist with paperwork,

-provide financing support for your business startup.

The Dispatch Net Flatbed dispatch services will therefore give you the opportunity to take care of your questions. You can fully rely on Honest Flatbed Dispatching from our side, because responsibility and honesty towards every customer are the main principles of our work.