Truck Dispatch Service for Car Haulers and Auto Transporters

Truck Dispatch Service for Car Haulers and Auto Transporters

Doing the job of hauling cars from one destination to another for dealing companies or private persons is not as straightforward as it may seem. It has its ins and outs that demand car haulers/auto transporters to have deep insight in the industry and a bit of savvy to run it properly for future prosperity.

Such abilities as to conduct productive research, effectively invest in the equipment, compare prices and select the best freight to be paid for, and last but not least the knowledge of field paperwork are a must when you are about to set up your owned transporting service bureau.

How do I start hauling cars? 

If you are just in for starting hauling cars you’ll have to get a truck and a license for running your activity. Once received a good supply of work, an excellent profit return and a good record with your customers, expand to adopting your in-house fleet.

What trailer should I buy? 

Purchase of a trailer is an expensive investment and its parameters should line up with your transportation needs. There are multiple of their options, e.g. open trailers and enclosed trailers, single vehicle hotshot, single level multi-car, multi-level multi-car. Analyze whether you would like it more affordable or more sealed for outdoors, for long-distance or short-distance deliveries, one-car or multiple riding. We are ready to come up with dispatching dry vans, step-decks, reefers, hotshots and power-only trucks. 

Our experts will advise you on the most appropriate trucking type with consideration of your mileage, safety requirements and features of the cargo.

What’s my operating cost?

The upfront costs will include charges for acquisition of equipment, insurance, obtaining CDL commercial driving license. The operational pricing will rely greatly upon such factors as the kind of vehicle, season, distance of the route, load specifications. 

Our dispatch service as interlink between auto consignors and auto transporters will search out the best-paying loads, take care of all administrative costs, build up the most convenient route and supervise the drivers relieving you of all hustle connected with car hauling.