How much money can I make from hauling cars

How much money can I make from hauling cars?

You have made the decision to engage in freight transportation. At this stage it is important to understand for yourself how much will be the cost part of your business and, of course, the amount of net profit. 

Don’t forget about the list of factors that will affect the amount of your income as a carrier. These are your location, how long you are in that direction, current fuel prices, your experience as a carrier, transportation costs, how long your truck will be on the road, what kind of trailer to transport cars you use, whether you use a truck dispatch service.

So, how much do trucking companies make? 

Let’s look at the reasons that will affect your profits.

1.What your options are.

It’s unlikely that you can tell the exact amount of money a trucking business will make per year. After all, you don’t know your business opportunity yet. It is impossible to even compare the amount of income a trucking company that is starting out in business to one that is well-established in the market and offers contingency services such as storage, emergency road repairs, etc. 

2. A profitable location for a trucking business.

Why does the location of your business matter for trucking?

The place for the development of the business should be chosen in advance and placed where there is sufficient demand for your services. Of course, the contingent must be financially backed up and be sure to use the services of transportation. 

After all, practice shows that trucking companies, dispatching services, as a rule, are located in regions where there is a high density of population and vehicles.

3. The level and quality of business management.

The key factor that will determine your annual profits as a trucking company is the quality of business management. If you are a good manager, you will not only be able to keep your old customers, but also attract new ones by expanding your business.

4. Additional services that road haulers can offer.

It is very important to interest the client not only in the quality of services, but also the list of additional services. For example, you can offer services for cargo storage and emergency repair on the road.

5. Business approach of the motor carrier.

The motor carrier, of course, makes his own decision about running his own business. What model he chooses will fundamentally affect the amount of monthly or annual income. The haulier himself will make the choice to work on his own or cooperate with other businesses, which, in turn, will recommend them to clients.

The latter option will bring in much more money than doing business alone.

 6. Marketing and advertising in the business of a motor carrier.

It is very important to take advantage of successful tools to grow your business. An excellent marketing strategy and successful advertising will significantly increase the amount of your earnings. Of course, you will have to spend a considerable sum, but the result will exceed your expectations.

7. The technical condition of your truck.

If you use a new vehicle, you will spend less on fuel and maintenance than if you use a used truck. This factor will greatly affect the amount of income. 

You don’t have to be a mechanic to know about the mandatory and regular maintenance of your truck to extend its life. In the event that you decide to sell the vehicle, you can be assured that its value will be on par.

8. How long have you been in business .

There is another important consideration – how long the trucking company has been in business for. The longer you’ve been in business, the easier it will be to retain existing customers as well as acquire new ones through good referrals. 

9. What is the best trailer for transporting cars.


For starters, it’s worth choosing between an open trailer and a covered trailer. You may think an enclosed trailer is better. After all, it provides protection from adverse weather conditions and can be used for permanent car storage. Such trailers also prevent your car’s body from being damaged by rocks. However, open trailers are much cheaper and cost at least half the price of a closed trailer. The distance you plan to travel will help you make the right decision.

10.  How choosing the best dispatch service affects a trucking company’s income.

A great dispatch service really affects your bottom line – with the right dispatcher, you’ll work less and earn more. 

What duties does the service take on?

1.They negotiate on your side and make sure you get the best loads.

2. You’ll save time – you won’t have to worry about paperwork, invoices, or other nuances. You will only pick up and deliver shipments.

To summarize.

The amount a carrier earns per year depends on all of the factors outlined above. Don’t forget the major factors in business such as trust, honesty, positive and decent customer relations, and timely and safe delivery.